Art Demo March 13 in Downtown OKC!

Working in downtown Oklahoma City, I have been lucky to attend numerous Art Moves events in buildings around the area. The Arts Council sponsors these performances every weekday from 12-1 PM, and participants include musicians, artists, dancers, and others. 

My first Art Moves demonstration is Monday, March 13 at the Oklahoma Tower (210 Park Avenue). I will be doing a demonstration of kirigami (cut-and-folded paper) and watercolor painting. 



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24 Works on Paper - Art Exhibition

I have not been updating this site recently due to starting a new job August 2015. My work has not stopped my art work, and so I have been making both 2D and 3D art, and one of my watercolor paintings was accepted in the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's 24 Works on Paper exhibition, which will travel throughout the state from August 2016 to January 2018. I am fortunate to be selected, and I am setting my sights on loftier goals. You can check out the exhibition at www.24works.org. The first stop is at the Guymon Public Library and Arts Center August 12 – September 26.

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Indian Watercolors

I am back in the US (waiting for my last flight to Oklahoma City), but I thought I would share the three significant works I made during my stay. They were all watercolors and taken from real life photographs on my travels.

Cannas from a botanical exhibition #art #watercolor #painting #canna #lily #flower #kerala #india #nature

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First Plein Air (outdoors) painting

I bought a travel easel but never got to use it until this past Saturday when I went to Lake Hefner (NW Oklahoma City). The weather was really nice. Not to hot. Not to cold. Goldilocks weather. I decided to do watercolors because one benefit is that they dry quickly and can always be reused. I am always a little saddened with my alkyd/acrylic paints slowly drying up on me.

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Two Framed Pieces

Today, I got back my first professionally framed works, the 18x24" watercolor "Tulpenmanie - Moonstruck" and the 11x14" drawing "Deception". Moreover, I talked to a local gallery owner, whom my retired high school art teacher has some gallery space, and he seemed enthusiastic about my work and encouraged me to show in their guest artist space! 

I forgot to add I made another Rapidograph pen drawing (11x14") in the morning. I called it "Dragon's Breath".

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Yuccan Gold - Japanese Watercolor "Window screen"

I made this abstract painting to try out the gold and color Yasutomo paints I bought along with my sumi-e ink and brush supplies. It first started with the two gold loops, but then I decided to make a yucca flower, followed by the desert background and then the sunset. It is reminiscent of an old Japanese painting that has the radiant goddess Amaterasu coming out of a cave. I learned a lot about the paint like that the gold paint is almost completely opaque because it is less dense than ink (the black ink just falls underneath). It turned out pretty good!

The painting itself

The painting itself

I cut the rice paper roll to fit the window near the front door, which we never put back the blinds after painting the interior walls.

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WIP - Oviraptor

Technically, Oviraptor is actually a misnomer. The name means "egg thief" because the fossil was found near a nest of eggs, but it later turned out it was a parent dinosaur on its own nest, locked forever protecting it's brood. This will be a watercolor with a more believable dinosaur thieving from an ancient bird similar to Archaeopteryx, who flees it's nest made hidden inside a cycad, which is a group of plants that may bear a resemblance to palm trees but are much more ancient. This will be a gift for a cousin's nephew. :)

Graphite and watercolor sketches

Graphite and watercolor sketches